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I've been a Chiropractic Provider Serving Central Ohio Since 1995


Chiropractic treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  I've been successful in resolving neck and low back pain, headaches, hip and leg pain, shoulder problems as well as sciatica. I treat sports injuries and those sustained in car accidents.

My care is very effective and based on nearly 30 years of continued training and experience. My goal is get you on the road to recovery quickly, and to keep you there.



  • 80% of the population has experienced back pain at one time or another. 
  • Left untreated, patients will likely experience multiple episodes of back pain which will worsen and last longer each time. 
  • Chiropractic is the most effective treatment for back pain.
  • Chiropractic treatment of back pain is less expensive and safer than other medical treatments.
  • Chiropractic patients have less time off from work than patients treated with medication.


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My Practice

Every day, I strive for excellence through superior patient care. Please take a moment to discover how I can help you live better and feel amazing!


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Chiropractic is the leading drug-free pain relieving method in the world today. Please take a moment to discover what I do.


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All About Chiropractic Care

What exactly is chiropractic? I hope you will find the answers to your questions here.  After you've looked around, and you still have questions, call me, I'm here to help. Consultations are no cost to you.


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